Why employers should work with us?


Our client offerings demonstrate our proven capabilities and expertise in providing fully tailored solutions that deliver cost-effective and beneficial long-term results.
Contingency Recruitment

We offer a no-fee upfront contingency solution for businesses to fill vacancies. You only pay when we successfully place a candidate. You only pay when we successfully place a candidate. This gives you access to our recruitment expertise and candidate network without any financial risk. 

Project/ Dedicated Campaign

We offer a tailored Project/Dedicated Campaign solution for businesses to fill 10+ vacancies within a timeframe. Features include customised job searches, automated postings, analytics, applicant tracking, bespoke pricing, candidate attraction campaigns, onsite presence, and an expanded selection process.  

Executive Retained Search

Executive Retained Search is a specialised recruitment method that contracts us to find a highly qualified executive-level candidate for your specific needs. This approach is ideal for quickly sourcing candidates with hard-to-find skills.


Contract/ Temporary Recruitment

We offer temporary staffing solutions to help businesses facing short-term staffing challenges. Our experienced and skilled temporary staff are screened to meet our clients’ specific needs. 

Built to Fit

Our “Elect” solution offers flexible services tailored to your unique recruitment needs. We provide consultations on employment law, workforce planning, and training to help you stay ahead in the market.


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